The Douro in Autumn: simply stunning

The Douro in Autumn: simply stunning

Above all, the Douro region represents a set of simply stunning natural riches, which will never be erased from the memory of those who explore them.

Above all, it is a wonderful trip for wine lovers, but also for people who love to enjoy breathtaking views.



At first glance, the terraces, with their vines leaning over the river, are even more beautiful with their superb and dazzling autumn colors. Thus, among the hundreds of plantations, there are farms and hotels.

In the Douro, due to its unique microclimate, the grapes ripen, being “on point” for the production of the superb wines of the region. Thus, one of the best times to visit the Douro region is during the harvest season and, consequently, in autumn.

Anyone who decides to visit the Douro Valley during this season will not regret it. The charm caused by the wonderful colors that characterize its landscapes is unforgettable.

Finally, the resulting events and activities that can be carried out at this time in the Douro are another tonic that gives it a special charm. Meet some, get inspired, and set off on an adventure.


Douro vintages

First of all, the wine region has been considered as such for over 250 years and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001.

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the good reasons to visit the region at this time of year. Between September and October, the Douro celebrates the Harvest Festival, a very old tradition, in which the joyful and fun interaction between generations is the motto.

In this sense, the immense number of people that fill the vineyards cut bunches and tread the grapes, all accompanied by traditional songs and good mood. The immense work that goes on in the region at this time of year always results, as is well known, in wonderful wines.

Finally, the fact that visitors are allowed to help with the work and be an integral part of the festivities is something that gives this culture a simply stunning charm.



Feast of Saint Martin

The combination of good wine and chestnuts makes your mouth water right away! And what better time to explore the Douro than autumn?

In addition to the harvest, the lively feast of Saint Martin takes place at this dazzling time. And, along with the sumptuous Douro landscapes, the scenery couldn’t be more perfect.


Travel along National Road 222

First of all, the explosion of colors that occurs in autumn makes us immediately imagine the wonder it would be to walk all those paths.

It is perfectly possible and one of the ways is to take the National Road 222 – the road that connects Portugal from East to West, from Almendra to Vila Nova de Gaia.

In other words: have you ever imagined contemplating this maximum exponent of beauty over about 230 km? On the way, of course, you will have to stop a few times to observe the beautiful views through the immense viewpoints that exist in the region.




First of all, and as in all other seasons of the year, traveling on a Douro Cruise is divine. However, and for all that we have mentioned, this season gives the region special magic.

In other words, the waters that meander the Douro Valley, the terraces, the colors, in short: a simply stunning picture.

Finally, gather your family and friends and embark on an adventure that will feast your eyes and warm your heart.

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