The 5 most beautiful viewpoints in the Douro

The 5 most beautiful viewpoints in the Douro

The Douro has several viewpoints with breathtaking views, where you can enjoy moments of peace and tranquility. Discover the 5 most beautiful viewpoints in the Douro and be enchanted by its landscapes!

The greens and browns of its steep slopes dotted with farms and small villages, and the blue of the river, which runs through the serene valleys, make the Douro a place of incomparable beauty! And what better place to admire this “excess of nature” than the top of its viewpoints?

Classified as a World Heritage Site, Alto Douro has several viewpoints with breathtaking landscapes, where you can enjoy moments of peace and tranquility, away from the crowds and the bustle of cities. We selected 5 of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Douro, with landscapes that will surprise you and stay in your memory!

1. São Leonardo da Galafura, Régua

Vista do Miradouro de São Leonardo da Galafura - Rota do Douro

30 minutes from Peso da Régua there is a viewpoint that is a must – São Leonardo da Galafura! From the top of its 640 meters, the landscape that can be seen here triggers a mixture of reactions: the tranquility of a river that meanders serenely through the valley and the emotion of a superb landscape that we do not seem to know how to fully enjoy.

One of Miguel Torga’s favorite places, the poet described the Douro seen from São Leonardo da Galafura as “A geological poem. Absolute beauty ”. Visit and see!

2. Casal de Loivos, Pinhão

Vista do Miradouro Casal de Loivos - Rota do Douro
Fonte: Portal da União de Freguesias de Vale Mendiz, Casal de Loivos e Vilarinho de Cotas

Considered by BBC London as one of the most beautiful World landscapes, Casal de Loivos offers a panoramic view of the Douro Wine Region. Located in the village of Casal de Loivos, between Pinhão and Alijó, in this viewpoint we can observe a large extension of the Douro river, including the famous “L” that the river course describes in front of Pinhão. In addition to the river, the vineyards are also a constant in the landscape, intercepted by the farms and villages that emerge from the slopes.

A breathtaking landscape marked by an overwhelming tranquility, interrupted only by the singing of birds and occasionally the whistling of trains that pass at Pinhão station.

3. Fraga do Puio, Miranda do Douro

Vista do Miradouro da Fraga do Puio - Rota do Douro
Fonte: Rota da Terra Fria Transmontana

Located in the parish of Picote, the viewpoint of Fraga do Puio reveals to us a landscape as beautiful as it is wild, over the Natural Park of Douro Internacional. Here the course of the river, marked by a sharp curve, runs narrow between the steep cliffs that mark the border between Portugal and Spain.

After its destruction in 2017, caused by a fire, the Fraga do Puio Viewpoint was rebuilt. Designed as a balcony on the cliffs of the Douro, where part of the structure is in glass, the new viewpoint seems to want to get inside the cliffs, giving the visitor the impression of continuity and landscape, allowing you to see the river deep down.

A landscape of great beauty, in a viewpoint that seems to be suspended over the Douro.

4. São Salvador do Mundo, São João da Pesqueira

Vista do Miradouro de São Salvador do Mundo - Rota do Douro
Fonte: Município de São João da Pesqueira

In the heart of the Douro Demarcated Region, at an altitude of 493 meters and with a steep slope towards the river, is the São Salvador do Mundo viewpoint. From here we can see the valley of the Douro River and its tributaries, a great beauty landscape marked by huge rugged slopes that contrast with vineyards, olive trees and orchards. By far one glimpses the dam and the Cachão Valeira, the latter famous for having been the site of the death of Baron of Forrester.

Along the viewpoint is S. Salvador World Sanctuary, which is part of a set of built chapel in the late sixteenth century, arranged from bottom to top of the wilderness, and are a kind of stations of the Cross, evoking the steps of Jesus in Jerusalem on the way to Calvary. Legend has it that by tying knots in the broom there, a good fiancé would be found to marry and that is why the Sanctuary was very visited by single girls.

Absolute tranquility and a magnificent landscape is what you will find at the São Salvador do Mundo viewpoint.

5. Rota do Douro, Carrazeda de Ansiães

Vista do Miradouro Rota Do Douro - Rota do Douro
Fonte: Vale do Douro

Among the terraces and vineyards of the Alto Douro Wine Region, the viewpoint Route Douro arises. Set halfway up the hill, allows a closer look at the vines that run to the river Douro. Composed of vineyards, terraces, riverside villages and the Douro river, here the landscape becomes even more beautiful due to the curve in the course of the river. On the opposite bank we can see even the Quinta de Vargellas and Vargellas railway station belonging to the Douro Line.

Between October and November, the Rota do Douro viewpoint gains another charm with the reddish colors of the vineyard, inviting us to sit on one of its wooden benches, in the shade of the trees, and enjoy this magnificent landscape.


Take to the road or the river, on one of our cruises, and discover the Douro viewpoints and the beautiful landscapes they have to offer!