Tabuaço is a wonder of attractions

Tabuaço is a wonder of attractions

Already considered by many as the capital of the Romanesque, this municipality in the Douro is a veritable wonder of attractions, offering a huge variety in terms of culture, cuisine, and nature.

Beforehand, there are many good reasons to visit Tabuaço, one of the main desires of the growing number of fans of the Douro Vinhateiro region. Above all, the green of the forest and vineyards, combined with the countryside, the waters of rivers, the slopes of vineyards, and immense terraces, dazzle at any time of the year. 

Together with the wealth of heritage, all this makes Tabuaço an attractive destination, as it has the most exotic clock in the world, wine farms and villages, and traditions practically unchanged. In addition to prehistoric remains, Romanesque churches, and much more. 

So, get to know a little better the attractions of this municipality with roots in the times of the Portuguese reconquest and the formation of its nationality. And, in the end, marvel at how you haven’t visited and explored it yet.


The viewpoint of Our Lady of Fatima 

Firstly, it is located in the parish of Valença do Douro and is a beautiful space with a garden, trees, granite benches, and a small shrine to the Saint that gives it its name.

Likewise, it is located on one of the many curves of the National Road 504 overlooking the Douro, providing phenomenal views over the terraced vineyards and a large stretch of the river that meanders through them.

Source: All About Portugal

Mother Church of Barcos 

First of all, it is located in the parish of the same name, being a church with a medieval foundation that features baroque architecture. Its construction dates back to the 13th century, having undergone alterations and reconstructions in subsequent times.

In this sense, the temple comprises various types of typically religious architecture, Romanesque, Gothic, Mannerist and Baroque.


Cabeço das Pombas

At first glance, these cave engravings, located on a granite outcrop, constitute a very important artistic and religious manifestation. Furthermore, its supposed origin dates back to the Bronze Age and the figures inscribed in the rock are grouped by sets, engraved at different times.


Roman Bridge 

First of all, this original 17th-century bridge features Roman civil architecture. Proof of this is its centralized arch, with a perfect back, made up of regular voussoirs.


Gastronomy of Tabuaço 

Finally, the immense and magnificent gastronomic flavors of the municipality could not be missing. Roasted kid with oven-baked rice, fried lamb, pickled river fish, or chestnut jam is a must-try specialty at the table. 

Likewise, convent sweets, based on the local cultural heritage, form part of a vast and no less dazzling gastronomic menu. So, it is clear that all these delicacies must be accompanied by the best Douro wines. 

In conclusion, Tabuaço is a wonder of attractions. What are you waiting for to go on an adventure?

Source: All About Portugal


Cover Photo: Amazing Architecture

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