São João da Pesqueira – charming Douro village

São João da Pesqueira – charming Douro village

Beforehand, it is blessed by an enormous natural beauty, between the fertile valleys of the Douro River, – the charming Douro village of São João da Pesqueira presents a huge variety of attractions.

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Firstly, it is located in the imposing Douro Demarcated Region, and is an ancient village, with origins before the formation of Portuguese nationality.

In this way, it has a strategic geographical situation for the collection of food, due to the Douro River and the fertile surrounding lands.

Thus, the name “Pesqueira” results from the reference to this primitive fishing and agricultural community that developed there. As a result, development took place over time, and the Marquis of Pombal even lived there as a young man.

Yes, it was this iconic figure in Portuguese history who was later responsible for the development of the region’s winemaking activity.

Finally, the vineyards, verdant or the color of clay, delight the eyes of those who contemplate them, in addition to the fascinating and picturesque villages, nestled on the slopes.

There are many attractions and, as such, we invite you to discover some of them and, why not, get inspired for your next adventure in the Douro.


San Salvador of the World Sanctuary

Firstly, it is the largest sanctuary in the region, consisting of several chapels, built along the hill, the oldest ones dating back to the 16th century.

In addition, the sanctuaries are one of the characteristics of the region, as the dangers of crossing the Douro have motivated a deep popular religiosity.

Likewise, this sanctuary also serves as a viewpoint, being one of the most famous in the Douro.

From there, it is possible to glimpse the imposing river, the vineyards on terraces combing the mountain, and, equally, the famous railway, which passes on one of the slopes.


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Republic Square

At first glance, it is the heart of the small historic center of this Douro village. It is a beautiful and unforgettable place, from there it is possible to contemplate a harmonious set of monumental historical heritage.

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Trevões Museum

From now on, it is a museum that keeps memories and relics of the municipality of São João da Pesqueira. Thus, it promotes authentic journeys in time, making known the culture, ways of life, traditions, and history of the people of the village.

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Rua dos Gatos

Rua dos Gatos is one of the most symbolic places in this Douro village. It is assumed that its origin is due to an Arab occupation, presenting a structuring of the space similar to that time. Currently, it is the authentic ex-libris of the Medieval Village.

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Quinta das Carvalhas

First of all, it occupies a predominant position on the slope of the left bank of the Douro River, facing Pinhão.

Stunning property whose oldest references date back over 250 years! It is wonderful to see the vineyard work (pruning, harvesting, among others), the olive picking, and, of course, enjoying the Douro and Torto rivers, from the best angles.

Finally, the areas of woods, forest, olive groves, and gardens that are scattered around this place, make a visit to this one like getting to know the Douro from the inside.


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