General Conditions

Rota Ouro do Douro, Travel Agency, Catering and Tourism by River and Land, with registered office at Avenida Diogo Leite, No 438, registered at the Companies Registry Office of Porto with no. 7719, Taxpayer no. 504 413 732, with a share capital of 50,000.00 euros – Private limited company.
R.N.A.A.T. (National Registry of Tourist Animation Agents) 45/2011

1 – Reservations
1.1 – All reservations for the cruises included in this brochure must be submitted and confirmed in writing.
1.2 – Reservations shall only be considered effective upon the full payment of the corresponding amount – 50% of the amount must be paid upfront and the remaining 50% must be paid within 72 hours before the start of the cruise.
1.3 – Rota do Douro Reserves the right to cancel any reservation that does not meet the conditions provided in the previous section.
1.4 – After payment, the voucher is sent by mail to the customer to print (required) and deliver to our on-board assistant on the day of the cruise. The printed voucher will not only help at the time of shipment, but also comply with the obligatory requirements imposed by Law.

2 – Prices
2.1 – The prices quoted for each cruise are based on our current costs on the date of printing of this brochure, and may be altered in case of significant variations in our cost components.
2.2 – Such price changes shall be communicated to the customer who, within a deadline set by Rota do Douro, must accept the changes or cancel their reservation, subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.
2.3 – Special prices are offered for children, as follows: for 1 day programs, no charge for children up to the age of 3 years, and 50% off for children aged 4 to 11 years, when accompanied by their parents (or two adults). Children aged 12 years and older pay full price. 2 days or more programs, no charge for children up to the age of 1 year, and 50% off for children aged 2 to 10 years, when accompanied by their parents (or two adults). Children aged 11 years and older pay full price. To the Bridges Cruise no charge for children up to the age of 10 years when accompanied by their parents (or two adults).
2.4 – School groups have specific conditions not being covered by the conditions of the previous point (2.3).
2.5 – The prices in this brochure already include VAT at corresponding rates.

3 – Cancellations
ROTA DO DOURO reserves the right to cancel:
3.1 – Any of the cruises announced in this brochure in case the minimum number of passengers is not met, in which case customers shall be refunded for the amounts paid in confirmation of their reservation and Rota do Douro shall not be required to pay any compensation.
3.2 – Due to factors not attributable to Rota do Douro, such as: adverse weather conditions, unfavourable navigability, breakdowns in navigation locks, breakdowns/damage to vessels, unforeseen delays, strikes, etc.
3.3 – The cancellation of a cruise reservation by the customer shall oblige the latter to indemnify ROTA DO DOURO in the amount of the charges borne with the cruise in question, namely the provision of any service already hired, provided such service is completed within 15 days before the date of the cruise.

4 – Scope of Responsibility
Rota do Douro, Lda. takes responsibility for the services provided on board, from boarding to landing, declining all responsibility for operations contracted from third parties. It shall decline any responsibility for the performance of hotels, transport companies (buses, trains), guides on land and other hired services.

5 – Changes
Rota do Douro reserves the right to: Make changes to cruise itineraries and schedules, replace vessels, and replace transportation vehicles and hotels with others of the same category and location in the event any unforeseen and undesired situations including but not limited to: particular climatic conditions and unfavourable navigability, failure of services supplied by thirds parties, strikes, and breakdowns in navigation locks, malfunctions, damage and delays in vessels.

6 – Pets
Only guide dogs are allowed on board and other animal for personal support. The authorized pets will be subject to special coordination at the time of the reservation.

7 – Smoke Policy
Smoking is not allowed in any of the areas inside the boats. It is only allowed to smoke cigars, cigarettes and pipes on the sun deck.

8 – Complaints
Only complaints submitted in writing within 5 days after the provision of the service shall be deemed valid.

9 – Insurance
Current insurance is required under Portuguese Law.

10 – Competent Court
All disputes shall be brought before the District Court of Vila Nova de Gaia, which shall be the competent court, in detriment of any other.