Douro in Winter: the same charm

Douro in Winter: the same charm

First of all, the Douro region has, unconditionally, the same charm and is one of the great wonders of our country, regardless of the season.

For example, in winter, temperatures and the number of tourists decrease, and there is a change in colors and landscapes. However, the characteristic beauty of the Douro does not change and, at any time of the year, the wonder is immense.

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Already, the Alto Douro Vinhateiro is the first thing that comes to mind when we refer to this region, were it not World Heritage. 

However, the region, one of the most beautiful on the planet, has an immensity of attractions and mandatory activities for those who visit it. 

Finally, here are some tips so that, this winter, you can enjoy the «geological poem», as the emblematic writer Miguel Torga once called it, with the same charm.


Climb to the viewpoints 

First of all, the Douro is full of viewpoints and, as such, there is no shortage of choices and neither are breathtaking landscapes.

There is nothing better than appreciating the meandering river, the vineyards, the villages, and the infinite horizons that we are faced with. 

In the immense routes that the region has, you can enjoy making stops to appreciate much of the best that life gives us.

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Enjoy the cuisine of the region 

First of all, if there is one thing that characterizes the Douro region, it is the wide variety of gastronomic wonders.

Several counties, several parishes, and a common denominator: the offer of snacks, desserts, and other specialties. 

In this sense, Lamego ham and ball, kid roasted in a wood oven, Miranda steak, roasted cod, and many others, are wonders that you will have to try.

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Enjoy museums and palaces 

In principle, the Douro region does justice to the Portuguese history and heritage richness and, as such, has a wide range of museums and palaces.

Likewise, some of the most visited and emblematic are the Terra de Miranda Museum, Porto City Museum, Douro Museum, and Casa de Mateus.

Source: Visitar Portugal

Trails and excursions

First, if it is true that the river is less navigable in winter and that there are some limitations regarding cruises, this does not prevent you from walking around the region.

As a result, trails and more trails with the same charm that the Douro has to offer. In a group, with family, friends, or alone: what are you waiting for?

Source: Turismo de Alijó


Cover photo: Museu Terra de Miranda


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