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Douro in Winter: the same charm

First of all, the Douro region has, unconditionally, the same charm and is one of the great wonders of our country, regardless of the season.

For example, in winter, temperatures and the number of tourists decrease, and there is a change in colors and landscapes. However, the characteristic beauty of the Douro does not change and, at any time of the year, the wonder is immense.

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Charms of Baião, between Douro and Marão

Located in the district of Porto, Baião is the least populated municipality (20,000 inhabitants), which does not make it any less interesting. Quite the contrary: there are many charms of Baião, between the Douro and Marão.

In this sense, the giant green area it holds, together with its natural wealth and privileged geographical location, contribute immensely to being a spectacular destination.

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The Douro in Autumn: simply stunning

Above all, the Douro region represents a set of simply stunning natural riches, which will never be erased from the memory of those who explore them.

Above all, it is a wonderful trip for wine lovers, but also for people who love to enjoy breathtaking views.

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