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Douro in Winter: the same charm

First of all, the Douro region has, unconditionally, the same charm and is one of the great wonders of our country, regardless of the season.

For example, in winter, temperatures and the number of tourists decrease, and there is a change in colors and landscapes. However, the characteristic beauty of the Douro does not change and, at any time of the year, the wonder is immense.

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Charms of Baião, between Douro and Marão

Located in the district of Porto, Baião is the least populated municipality (20,000 inhabitants), which does not make it any less interesting. Quite the contrary: there are many charms of Baião, between the Douro and Marão.

In this sense, the giant green area it holds, together with its natural wealth and privileged geographical location, contribute immensely to being a spectacular destination.

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Wonders of the Douro – Gastronomic Wealth of Lamego


In advance, it is known that the gastronomic wealth of the Douro region is enormous.

As such, and being located there and full of regional delights, the municipality of Lamego is no exception.


Along with the famous Douro wines, the Lamego’s offer is, therefore, enormous in terms of gastronomy and viniculture.

Concerning the wines, we highlight the Lamego vineyards, which for some centuries have been of capital importance for the production of Port Wine.

Simultaneously included in the Douro Wine Region (a UNESCO World Heritage Site for two decades), the municipality thus has yet another beautiful business card, in addition to the breathtaking natural beauty that characterizes the Douro landscapes.

Finally, delight yourself with some of the main gastronomic highlights of the municipality.



A mandatory snack for sausage lovers, the local ham stands out as one of the main pillars of local gastronomy.

An authentic delicacy not to be missed!



Bôla de Lamego

One of the most acclaimed specialties in the area, it can be stuffed with fried meat, ham, ham, sausage, sardines, or cod, all wrapped in a kind of bread dough – a secret, of course, well kept by the manufacturers.

Since the beginning of the 19th century, Bôla de Lamego has been recognized for its typical nature and its production continues to this day.


Marinated trout

Typical of Beira Alta, the province in which Lamego is located, marinated trout is one of the treasures among the flavors of the region.

Unanimously considered one of the best ways to prepare and flavor fish, the marinade is a sauce that has its origins in the Middle Ages.

And, these days, it remains (and a lot!) in fashion.

Lamego-style oven-baked rice

Accompanied by various meats such as goatling, chorizo, chicken, or veal and usually served in a clay casserole, oven rice is a dish with a strong tradition in Lamego and much appreciated by locals and tourists.

Filhoses de Chila

Especially typical of the Christmas season (but equally consumed and desired at any time of the year), filhoses de chila are another of the wonders of Lamego.

Always sweet and tasty, after being well sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, they are the delight of the population.

Lamego pie

Constantly sprinkled with powdered sugar and decorated with crushed almonds, all together with a delicious cream of eggs, makes this dessert a real temptation!


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