Port Wine Day - Dia do Vinho do Porto

Port Wine Day

Today is the Port Wine Day, an initiative of the Institute of Douro and Porto Wines to celebrate the anniversary of the Douro Demarcated Region and to promote Port Wine.

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5 sítios para fazer um piquenique no Porto - Rota do Douro

5 places to have a picnic in Porto

With the arrival of summer, there’s nothing better than finding a green space to spread your towel, snack and relax until the sun goes down. Discover 5 parks and gardens ideal for picnicking in Porto!

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Atividades para fazer no Porto: cruzeiro das pontes - Rota do Douro

5 incredible activities to do in Porto

From the most traditional, such as visiting the Port Wine cellars, to the more alternative ones, climbing the arch of Ponte da Arrábida…Discover 5 incredible activities to do in Porto, which you have to try at least once in your life!

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Descubra as barragens do Douro: Barragem do Pocinho - Rota do Douro

Discover the Douro dams

There are 5 dams that cross the Douro and tame the river, making its course navigable and safe. From Foz do Porto to Barca d’Alva, discover the 5 magnificent Douro dams.

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Rota das Amendoeiras em Flor - Rota do Douro

Almond Blossom Route

Between late February and early March, the Alto Douro is dressed in white and pink tones. It is the almond blossom that heralds the arrival of spring.

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3 Histórias de Amor no Douro / 3 Stories of romance in the Douro - Rota do Douro

3 Stories of Romance in Douro

The Douro is an idyllic place often visited by couples for a romantic getaway. Discover three love stories that had the Douro River as a backdrop.

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