5 of the best river beaches in Douro!

5 of the best river beaches in Douro!

In addition to the beautiful landscapes, the Douro has lovely river beaches, ideal for cooling off on the hottest days of summer!

The rules of access to the beaches, implemented this summer due to Covid-19, are making many bathers look for alternatives with less affluence. The river beaches of the Douro, with idyllic landscapes and mild waters, appear as an excellent alternative to beaches on the coast.

Good access, lifeguard, water sports and a series of support infrastructures, are some of the aspects that make the river beaches of the Douro the ideal place to relax with comfort.

Discover 5 river beaches in the Douro, where you can make the most of your summer holidays!

1. Lomba River Beach, Gondomar

As 5 melhores praias fluviais do Douro: Lomba, Gondomar - Rota do Douro
Fonte: https://turismo.cm-gondomar.pt/

Located on the left bank of the Douro River, at the end of a small peninsula formed by the winding curves of the river, the river beach of Lomba is characterized by an extensive sand, surrounded by a green pine forest. It has a First Aid Station, bar, bathroom, parking, anchorage and a taxi boat (cost € 1), which crosses to Melres river beach, on the other bank.

Installed under the pines there are grills, tables and water points, so you can enjoy a picnic or simply enjoy the shade to take refuge in the hottest hours.

During the bathing season, from 15 June to 16 September, a team of lifeguards watches the beach, ensuring the safety of swimmers.

2. Castelo River Beach (Ilha dos Amores), Castelo de Paiva

As 5 melhores praias fluviais do Douro: Castelo e Ilha dos Amores, Castelo de Paiva - Rota do Douro

At the Castle river beach the protagonist is the Island of Love (Ilha dos Amores). Situated at the confluence of the Paiva and Douro rivers, this small islet also known as Ilha do Castelo – because there was a castle there of which there are only vestiges – arouses the curiosity of all who pass by.

Before the construction of the Crestuma-Lever Dam, it was possible to reach the island on foot, through a sand that connected it to the bank of the Rio Paiva. Since then, the island has only been accessible by canoe or boat, which has made it even more attractive.

Frequented mainly by young people and water sports enthusiasts, during the summer some people camp on the island and others just have a picnic on the stone tables and enjoy the scenery.

On the small river beach, there is a bar with a terrace, a picnic area with barbecue grills, a pier for small boats, free parking and other support facilities. You can also visit the municipal swimming pool, which is located nearby.

A place to visit for two, who knows?

3. Porto de Rei River Beach, Resende

As 5 melhores praias fluviais do Douro: Porto de Rei, Resende - Rota do Douro
Fonte: https://maisresende.pt

Located on the border of the Vinho Verde Region with the Douro wine region, this river beach is an integral part of the Porto de Rei River Park.

Equipped with various support structures for leisure and water sports, here you will find a berth for tourist boarding, a floating pool, a solarium, a bar, picnic equipment, a dirt football field, gardens, a walkway, access pedestrian and parking. Everything you need to spend a busy beach day!

4. Foz do Sabor River Beach, Torre de Moncorvo

As 5 melhores praias fluviais do Douro: Foz do Sabor, Torre de Moncorvo - Rota do Douro
Fonte: http://www.cm-moncorvo.pt

Located in Torre de Moncorvo, the river beach of Foz do Sabor is located precisely where the river Sabor flows into the Douro, creating an immense water sheet, excellent for water sports and leisure.

Surrounded by a lawned garden with a tree area, this beach has a picnic area, a support bar, toilets, parking, landing and docking berths, and a water inflatable park called Aquasplash – Sabor Douro. Here it is possible to rent canoes and pedalos, or participate in a paintball game.

Whether with family or friends, at this beach you will not miss fun!

5. Congida River Beach, Freixo de Espada à Cinta

As 5 melhores praias fluviais do Douro: Congida, Freixo de Espada à Cinta - Rota do Douro
Fonte: http://visite.freixoespadacinta.pt

Surrounded by the incredible landscape of the Douro International Natural Park, the river beach of Congida is located in the reservoir formed by the Saucelle Dam, next to the border between Portugal and Spain.

With large lawned gardens, the beach is part of a leisure complex that includes the floating pool in the waters of the reservoir, the municipal swimming pools, a children’s playground, a picnic area with barbecue grills, a bar and several other support facilities.

It is also here that you will find the pier for boat trips through the Douro International.

A privileged space, with an idyllic landscape, to enjoy the torrid heat of the Douro.


If you have any doubts about which of these beaches to choose, book a cruise in the Douro with us and get to know each one of them!